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Binatek InterLaser 6

OverviewCertex Certichex
Binatek InterLaser 6 is an affordable check and form printing solution ideally suited to the needs of schools, school districts, and small to mid-size businesses. It prints Checks, Invoices, PO's, Direct Deposits, receipts, W2's and any other form in-house from blank stock..


Begins saving time and money immediately
Unlimited personalized forms
Removes security concern of keeping pre-printed checks on hand
Eliminates hand feeding, decollating, signing, and bursting of continuous form checks
System prints bank information, MICR line, protected amount, and signatures in one process.
Archival copies of checks can be printed on inexpensive plain paper to any non-MICR printer on the network.
Utilizes MICR Laser printer manufactured by HP
Windows based software system
Saves 5 to 15 cents per check
With no check inventory, changes to business names and addresses can be done instantly
ABM maintenance service contract available (details)

What customers are saying

"The Binatek InterLaser 6 softwarehas been wonderful, easy to use, and provided us with a much needed professional update!." 
- Ryan Lockwood, Treasurer, Springfield Local Schools

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